5 Tracks ‘Til Friday: October 5, 2015

Compact Discography

Hand picked jams. Just for you. 

“Highway Patrol Stun Gun” – Youth Lagoon

From the recently released Savage Hills Ballroom, “Highway Patrol Stun Gun” is the sound of Youth Lagoon putting the pieces together. After two introverted but intriguing albums (The Years of Hibernation and Wondrous Bughouse), Youth Lagoon aka Trevor Powers has finally figured out how to turn his bedroom recording project into something more substantial. The arrangement on “Highway Patrol Stun Gun” pairs synths and strings together as if they were always meant to compliment each other and the result is a dazzling chamber pop track.

“Wild Heart” – Stevie Nicks

A few years ago, I stumbled across a video of Stevie Nicks harmonizing with a demo version of this song while prepping for a Rolling Stone photo shoot. It’s a low quality video that candidly shows Nicks’ charming vulnerability and overpowering vocal skill. In 2015, Stevie Nicks is…

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Andy Stone

I started writing record reviews in my college dorm room in 2006 and now I'm all grown up and still can't seem to break the habit. Founder of Compact Discography and co-founder of Compact Culture.

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