Fall TV Smashcuts: You (Sometimes) Know What You’re Gonna Get

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Warning: some zombie gore below.

You (Sometimes) Know What You’re Gonna Get: The Walking Dead

The season six premiere of The Walking Dead opens on the aftermath of sheriff-turned-psycho Rick Grimes making a morally ambiguous decision in the name of protecting his family, while simultaneously sketching together a plan to battle the walkers. Other characters look on in various levels of disbelief or enthusiasm. That is all a pretty good descriptor of… just about every episode! The slight variation season to season is which character is going to get killed this time around. If The Walking Dead is a box of chocolates, you usually know what putrid flavor you’re going to get (sorry, Forrest). And honestly, we mostly tune in just to catch the Zombie Kill of the Week. Speaking of which, the winner is this beauty, which is fantastic:


But despite the show’s predictability, Sunday’s episode hints at what might be the…

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