Fall TV Smashcuts: You’re Missing The Best Show On TV

Smashcuts Film

You’d be hard pressed to find another person watching it, but those in the know have been talking about it, practically begging for your attention, for years. It was said then and bears repeating, The Knick is the best show on television that you’re not watching (note how that article was written a year ago, but it doesn’t help that the show is relegated to the premium-cable purgatory that is Cinemax). I was hesitant to throw another hastily written post into the fray, lamenting yet again how this gem is on no ones radar. But with the premiere of season two on Friday, I feel compelled to join the cause, or at the very least, finally get my thoughts of this finely crafted series down on paper. If one of the hundred people who read this (maybe more like ten) picks up the remote to tune in, my job will be done…

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