“The Leisure Class” and the Ugly Business of Project Greenlight

Smashcuts Film

With how maligned reality television is, its hard for us to openly admit that we love the constant bickering, yelling, and battle of egos that comes with the territory. No matter how much Matt Damon and Ben Affleck try to mask their “documentary series”, reality TV is at the core of what Project Greenlight does. And it is never more evident this season, and painstakingly obvious when viewing this season’s ultimate production, The Leisure Class.


For the uninitiated, Project Greenlight is the HBO-produced, Damon-Affleck helmed series that pits amateur directors against one another for the rights to produce a multi-million dollar movie. The rest is a documentation of how the picture is made; from pre-production all the way through post. If you’ve heard anything about Greenlight this year, it is certainly centered on producer Effie Brown. When the show selects Jason Mann, the whitest dude you can imagine, as the winner of the…

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