Review In The Can: “Master of None” is the first great Netflix comedy

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Everyone gets their own TV show nowadays. The introduction of streaming services has forced traditional media companies to pour buckets of money into acquiring new, and retaining existing, programming. The highly competitive market hands out scripted series like Oprah hands out cars (or bees). So its no surprise that Aziz Ansari landed his own show like so many comedians before him. What’s unexpected is just how important and culturally relevant Master of None turned out to be.

Master of NoneMaster of None has premiered with a confidence that most shows take years to develop. Its bravado is immediately evident in the second episode, Parents, where Dev’s parents recount their years of struggle emigrating to America that have culminated into an exact moment in time: when Dev turns down time with his family to go see the latest X-Men movie (he really doesn’t want to miss the previews). This rolls right into 

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