Smashcuts’ Guide To The Top 33 Movies of 2015

Smashcuts Film

Welcome to our Top 33 Movies of 2015 list! If you haven’t caught up on our top TV shows of the past year list, we just finished and it can be read in its complete glory. We will be running a somewhat reduced slash condensed version for our movies list. Some will be long form pieces, others some clever one liners, all will allow better focus on the top contenders and get to the real meat of the list more quickly. Tune back to this page to keep up to date with each new release!

Top 33 Movies Of 2015

Part One: Dishonorable Mentions & #33 thru #24

Part Two: #23 thru #14

Part Three: #13 thru #9

Part Four: #8 thru #4

Part Five: #3 & #2

Part Six: #1

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