Compact Review: CHVRCHES’ Every Open Eye

Compact Discography

CHVRCHES – Every Open Eye
Released: September 25, 2015
Rating: 82/100

I don’t like ‘Indie Pop’ as a classification for music. I’m perfectly ok with ‘Indie Rock’. The spirit of those two words compliment each other. ‘Indie Pop’, however, is entirely oxymoronic.  It seems lazy and contradictory so I’m not going to use it any more. CHVRCHES deserve a better classification than ‘Indie Pop’ so I’ve decided to unilaterally invent a new description for their music: Craft Pop. Independent breweries don’t make indie beer, they make craft beer. ‘Indie’ is a business term, warped by time and The Internet. ‘Craft’ sounds so much more delicious. ‘Craft Pop’ has an implication of artistry and detail and handmade goods. ‘Craft Pop’ makes me think of warm blooded human beings creating meaningful art. ‘Indie Pop’ makes me think of dudes in suits figuring out an effective way to market to my demographic. ‘Indie…

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Andy Stone

I started writing record reviews in my college dorm room in 2006 and now I'm all grown up and still can't seem to break the habit. Founder of Compact Discography and co-founder of Compact Culture.

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