Fall TV Smashcuts: A Five-Part Miniseries

Welcome, ladies and gents, to Compact Culture’s first TV roundup! Here we will discuss the shows kicking off the fall television season, as well as the shows ending their summer schedule run. It will be a fun (or mildly entertaining) adventure, filled with .gifs and unsolicited opinions. It is worth noting that there may be spoilers if you haven’t watched the shows up until this point, but if you are caught up, there will be nothing of the kind to ruin your premiere viewing experience. We will keep this page up to date with each daily post, a table-of-tubular-contents. Let’s get started!

Part One: Guaranteed Crowd Pleasers

Part Two: Most Improved Award

Part Three: You (Sometimes) Know What You’re Gonna Get

Part Four: Good Riddance

Part Five: You’re Missing The Best Show On TV

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