Review In The Can: The Lobster

Smashcuts Film

The Lobster is the strangest romantic comedy on this side of the decade. Scratch that, its not so much a romantic comedy as a deadpan dystopian sci-fi. Well, no, its a idiosyncratic farce. You can try every which way to describe what The Lobster ought to be, but its easier to simply accept it for what it is.


Set in the near-future, David (Colin Farrell) has checked into a hotel and is tasked with finding a companion. Its the law: in this London, it is illegal to be single. If for any reason you find yourself single, either by stroke of turning 18 without a mate, or your wife of 12 years leaving you for another man, you must check in to The Hotel and find a suitable partner. The consequences of not finding a mate? You are turned into an animal, luckily of your own choosing. The pudgy, awkward…

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